Our Qualifications

     Millions of retirees have jumped off of Wall Street’s “Greed is Good” rollercoaster and found a practical, common sense based retirement that allows them to spend with confidence during their retirement years. Most people that I meet still have their life savings tied-up in the typical high commission, low performance, “proprietary” mutual funds and volatile bond funds, the same positions that lost their money in the last two market crashes. They have no safety net, no hedge, and no stop loss provision, (NO PLANNING) what they do have is 100% RISK. Guess what will happen the next time the stock market crashes?

     Albert Einstein described this approach to experimentation best, “Insanity; Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. The missing link is a comprehensive retirement plan with a view to risk management and using the investment vehicles that have weathered the storms, protected principal and leveraged a sustainable income.

     Hundreds of my clients are enjoying the above described practical, common sense based retirement. For more than 25 years I have been helping Northern California residents grow and protect their retirement savings. I began my career as a risk manager, a property/casualty underwriter for Western Casualty and Surety Company. Later, I managed a retail commercial insurance agency that provided business insurance in five states out of East Texas. I applied the same risk management approach to my client’s retirement savings as I did to protect their physical assets and liability exposures. Risk management is working better than ever on retirement planning strategies. You do not have to be a financial victim, you can be a SURVIVOR!


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